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Friday, May 31, 2002
Dan at Happy Fun is being serious, re: arming pilots. He's relatively agnostic on the idea, skeptical that it will make a significant difference in security. His alternative? "We need to build on the example of Flight 93" he says, and develop a real civil defense. Here's his best suggestion:

How about a[n] 'airplane proctor' certificate and training program that any citizen who passes a minimal security clearance can take, which would train him or her in the use of the defensive gear on the plane, some simple hand-to-hand combat skills, and training in things like emergency egress from airplanes, how to find the communication radio in a cockpit and use it to alert the ground in case the pilots are incapacitated, etc. Persons who present their certification cards could be seated in strategic locations (near the cockpit, for example), and could be shown the location of the defensive equipment locker. They would even be an asset on regular flights because of their additional first-aid and emergency egress training.

Can't you just picture George Bailey taking such a course? And it's only a logical extension of things like neighborhood watch patrols and the like.