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Thursday, May 23, 2002
And Francis X. Rocca is against single-sex ed, because it didn't work for him. But he's arguing with a straw man. No one is contending that most kids would do better in a single-sex environment. Indeed, there's a lot of research to show that most boys and girls benefit from coeducation - indeed, specifically it indicates that boys generally develop healthier attitudes towards girls (and later women) if educated together than if educated separately.

But there are some kids for whom this isn't true, and some kinds of education that can't be purveyed this way. And it's absurd to deny parents the opportunity to educate their children in a single-sex environment because of concerns about sexual discrimination. The issue is whether a diversity of educational models will be allowed, not whether sex-segregated or co-ed schools are better for all students. And it is about whether concerns about sexual discrimination mandate the intensive mingling of students of the opposite sex in all activities - coed gym, coed bathrooms, coed sex education, etc. For some reason, never clearly articulated, we've come to think that separating teens and young adults by sex for any reason is somehow wrong. And we're surprised when we read about a junior-high epidemic of throat gonorrhea.