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Thursday, April 18, 2002
Robert Kagan has a very good piece on the proposals floating about to put NATO troops in the territories. I have been predicting an imposed solution for months now. And, in some ways, I'm an advocate. I think America can accomplish things in the neighborhood that Israel cannot. But I have always been clear on one thing: an imposed solution means an American army of occupation in the territories, not an American peacekeeping force to separate the combatants. The territories need to be de-Nazified. There can be no independent Palestinian state, not for a decade or more, not until they learn what they have lost and what kind of a civic culture they need to build to have a chance of getting it back. It Israel can't teach them that, I'm willing to let the Americans try. But 10,000 troops sounds like a low-end number to do the job. This will not be a pacific region, particularly after Arafat is removed. In other words, I think the only workable option for an imposed solution is Kagan's option number three.