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Friday, April 12, 2002
Okay, let's put this article and this article side by side.

I am coming to the conclusion that Operation Defensive Shield will inevitably fail for one reason: when the fighting is done, and the worst of the terrorists captured, Arafat is still going to be the one running the P.A., and he will simply re-build what was destroyed. Meanwhile, Israel will have lost substantial maneuvering room internationally and will likely have been forced to pull up stakes from a number of settlements.

Israel cannot tolerate a terrorist state in the territories. Arafat must be removed - now. Preferable would be for him to be tried and executed. (Plans are already underway to do this.) Second best would be expulsion, alone, with no retinue. The Palestinian areas need to be de-Nazified; that's the only proper word for it.

In the first post of this blog, I compared Arafat to Agag, king of the Amalekites. King Saul loses his crown because, while he inflicts devastation on the Amalekites, he does not kill their king. All his other efforts are therefore counted as naught in God's eyes. Israel is making the same error again, with the same likely consequences.