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Monday, April 29, 2002
I wanted to clarify one thing regarding Effie Eitam, on whom I posted yesterday. I don't know that he himself is the kind of dangerous character that Ha'aretz was talking about - the sorts of folks who want to blow up the Dome of the Rock and so forth. If folks out there know more about him that I do, and are convinced he's rational, that's encouraging. He is clearly on the extreme Right, but that doesn't mean he's crazy. But what is significant is that there are members of the national religious camp who do seem to believe that God is going to fight for them if they, for example, blow up the Dome of the Rock. And there are members of that camp - and of the Haredi camp - who believe that the Arabs are sub-humans. These kinds of sentiments are extraordinarily dangerous, in addition to being evil. Israel cannot afford even one incident of Baruch Goldstein-style Jewish terrorism. I hope that Eitam, and Elon, and Ze'evi fils, and Lieberman, and all the rest of the hard-right understand the danger, and are able to keep their lunatics in check. And that none of them are lunatics themselves.