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Monday, April 29, 2002
Halevi says: revive the Jordan option. Only one problem: this can only be done in explicit collaboration with Israel. How long do you think the Hashemite kingdom lasts after such an action?

The Jordanians didn't give up their claims to the territories because Likud opposed it; they gave up the claims because they preferred to let Israel deal with the problem.

I agree absolutely that Jordan has to be part of the solution, that the territories have to be partitioned between Jordan and Israel, with the Arab population centers going to Jordan. But such a solution could only be implemented after a massive transformation of the Middle East in the context of an American victory over Iraq. Otherwise, a Jordanian incursion into the West Bank would just be an invitation to a revolution backed by an Iraqi invasion.

Speaking of which, anyone recall DEBKA's piece from last week (no longer on their site) about troop movements in the region? Claim was, Iraqi troops were moving to the Jordanian border, followed by Israeli troops into the Jordan valley, followed by Saudi troops to their northern frontier. And the Jordanian royal family was supposedly spirited off to Aqaba for safe-keeping. Who says Bush is going to have the leisure to wait until next year for their Iraqi campaign?