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Monday, April 01, 2002
And in case anyone still wonders why Palestinian ambulances are being stopped at Israeli checkpoints, here's the official report on the Red Crescent driver who was caught ferrying explosives - under a kid on a stretcher. Think about how evil this man is. Not only is he assisting in the murder of civilians, he is making it impossible for Israel to allow Palestinian wounded and ill to get treatment in time. He's perfectly willing to kill not only innocent Jews but innocent members of his own people. I don't know what Israel can do about this other than (a) continue to stop all Palestinian ambulances, even at the cost of Palestinian lives, or (b) forbid all Palestinian ambulances and make the Magen David Adom the only legitimate ambulances operating in the territories.

I think it's worth quoting, in this context, King Henry V's speech upon discovering that his French opponents have slaughtered the unarmed English pages - expressly against the law of arms, as Fluellen points out:

I was not angry since I came to France
Until this instant. Take a trumpet, herald,
Ride thou unto the horsemen on yond hill;
If they will fight with us, bid them come down
Or void the field; they do offend our sight.
If they'll do neither, we will come to them
And make them skirr away as swift as stones
Enforced from the old Assyrian slings;
Besides, we'll cut the throats of those we have,
And not a man of them that we shall take
Shall taste our mercy. Go and tell them so.