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Friday, March 01, 2002
Very good piece in the National Post by Mark Steyn. Key passage:

"According to one witness in a Karachi court, Omar Sheikh boasted two days beforehand that they were about to seize someone who was "anti-Islam and a Jew." By the time Robert Fisk issued his plea for mercy on February 4th, Pearl was already dead.

In Saturday's Independent, Fisk reflected on the death of the man described as his friend: "But why was he killed? Because he was a Westerner, a 'Kaffir'? Because he was an American? Or because he was a journalist?" Anyone spot the missing category? It's the one Omar Sheikh used, and the one acknowledged by Daniel Pearl in his last words: "Yes, I am a Jew ..." Fisk can't bring himself to use the word in the entire column."