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Friday, March 08, 2002
An excellent article in The New York Times by Paul Krugman, on Bush's horrendous decision on steel. This week has been a bad one for the Administration, in my opinion: their guy lost in the California GOP primary, they appear resigned to losing the fight over Pickering, they made a terrible decision on steel tariffs, a bad decision on sending Zinni back to the Middle East, and what look like questionable moves with regard to Iraq. All-around, a week to be concerned about going wobbly. But the steel decision is worst of all. It really points up the degree to which the machers in this Administration - especially Karl Rove - are corporate Republicans rather than market Republicans. What's good for big steel is good for America, right? Wrong. Let's see if Bush makes any kind of serious push to expand NAFTA into Central and South America. If not, we can pretty much write off this first term with regard to trade policy; he'll have set us back to before 1994. And this stuff matters; among other things, the next front of the terror war is south, in Colombia and Venezuela.